Sycamore High School submission of "Mock Crash"

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Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 02:45
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Sycamore High School
Our mock crash at Sycamore High School was held on April 16th and 17th 2014. This was a rescheduled event due to inclement weather. We were able to have the crash prior to prom. The plan was to have a crash caused by a drunk driver and a passenger in the other vehicle killed due to not wearing her seatbelt. The HOSA students helped coordinate the crash by working with Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department, Cheatham County EMS, Vanderbilt Life Flight, Austin Bell Funeral Home, Bowman’s Wrecker Service, and Lamar Sign. They invited Harpeth High School, Cheatham Central High School, and Pleasant View Christian School to attend the mock crash. The crash was set up by Bowmans Wrecker service using cars that they donated. The students involved were Trent Mayberry, Kara Hackett, Trace Cook, Taylor Binkley, and Brittany Crosby. The students wanted to get the message across to never drink and drive, never ride with anyone who is under the influence, and always wear your seat belt. They wanted the students to realize that a “minor” crash can still cost you your life if you aren’t properly restrained. Police, Fire, and EMS were all staged at various areas and responded to the scene as they would in a real life scenario. Asst. Fire Chief Derek Noe narrated the crash to the student body. Life flight responded to the scene and transported Trace Cook, the driver of the “sober “vehicle. The mock crash was followed up the next day with an assembly to explain the events that happened in the crash. We started the day with a “Ghost Out” where students were taken from class by the grim reaper and their face painted white. They were not allowed to talk for the remainder of the day. Each ghost represented a fatality that is caused each day by an impaired driver. There was an assembly at the end of the day that began with the students hearing a sheriff’s deputy making a death notification to the family of Taylor Binkley. Taylor was the unbelted passenger in the sober vehicle. Then all of the ghosts including Taylor filed into the gymnasium followed by a closed casket with music playing as if they were at a funeral. Tammy Aulidge from MADD presented DUI has Consequences. Mayor David McCullough and Deputy Carl Lyttle also addressed the students with statistics and consequences about driving impaired and seat belt usage.
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