Science Hill High School submission of "Report Distracted Driving"

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Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 19:00
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Science Hill High School
As part of their English assignment, students at Science Hill HS Alternative Center wrote about incidents they observed that were hazardous on the highway. The English assignment was done to be submitted to Reduce TN (Teen) Crashes for school credit. I have attached the emais from the tech person showing the post was there but not live. They are fixing the problem. Thank you for your understanding Science Hill HS Alternative Center's English teachers became involved with the Reduce Teen (TN) Crashes program by requesting students to write abour dangerous driving incidents they had observed. Elizabeth's attached report is one of several we will be submitting. As part of the Reduce TN (Teen) Crashes campaign, the English teachers at Science Hill HS Alternative Center asked their students to write about a distracted driver they had observed. Attached in Gabe's writing. His is one of several that will be posted. Xavier's post is one of several done by students at Science Hill HS Alternative Center as a result of the English teachers at the school getting involved with our efforts to Reduce TN (Teen) Crashes.
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