Merrol Hyde Magnet School submission of "Host a Schoolwide Traffic Awareness Event"

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 22:45
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Merrol Hyde Magnet School
On Oct. 22nd and 23rd 2013, Deputy J. Smith presented a Teen Safety driving lecture at MHMS. The lecture was given to all High School students during the Connect Group lunch program. Half of the students sat through the lecture on the 22nd and the other half on the 23rd. The student were all given a test to complete that was made up of various questions about driving laws and teen restrictions. The students took the test at the begining of the lecture and then the test was openly gone over so everyone could see what the correct answers were. Several student driver were shocked that they weren't aware they had been doing things incorrectly. The procedures for report a motor vehicle crash on campus were also covered. There was also alot covered about the amount of passengers they could have, no cell phone use, no texting while driving and seatbelt use. They were all instructed that they still needed to obey these laws to help make drivning on campus safer. ( There were no photos of this event as we were unware that photos would be needed)
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