Hendersonville High School submission of "Mock Crash"

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Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 01:45
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Hendersonville High School
On April 17th 2014 The Hendersonville High School and HHS HOSA club hosted a regional "Destracted Driving" Mock Crash for over 400 students. The program started with the in the auditorium where an intro was made and information and statistics about distracted driving were given by law enforcement. A student made video showing the back story of the teens involved in the crash. One teen was jogging while a group of teens were in a car where the driver was texting while driving. The video showed glimpses into each of the teens lives and the final moments before the distracted driver struck the jogger. the vieo went black and a 911 call was placed to emergency services. The students were then taken outside where the video they had just seen was transformed into "reality" as the story continued... A mock crash scene was staged with a fatally injured jogger and four teens inside the wreck. Police units, Fire/Rescue and ambulances were dispatched where injuries were treated and an extracation of the car was made to free the critically injured passengers. The driver was interviewed by police and placed under arrest for reckless vehicular homicide. The students were addressed by law enforcement about the events they had just witnessed and allowed to pass by the scene as they left the program. Many mock crashes are staged addressing drinking and driving but our mock crash took a new, perhaps more wide spread issue with teen drivers... Distracted Driving
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