Ticket Your Parent(s)


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It is critical to discuss safe driving habits years before teens actually get behind the wheel. Long before they learn to drive, teens learn driving habits by watching their parents. In fact, according to teens, their parents have the most influence over the kind of drivers teens become. Parents must set good examples. "Ticket Your Parent(s)" helps parents teach pre-teens to identify safe and unsafe driving practices.


The "Ticket Your Parent(s)" program was designed by the Ohio Teen Safe Driving Coalition in partnership with the National Safety Council. "Ticket Your Parent(s)" is for teachers or organization leaders who work closely with pre-teens. The program begins with a discussion about safe driving behaviors. Program facilitators give pre-teens a book of mock traffic tickets to issue to parents or other adult drivers engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. The tickets are not collected, but participants tally the number of tickets they issued for various offenses (i.e., using a cell phone, texting or not wearing a seat belt). After the program ends, pre-teens discuss what they learned while observing their parents’ driving behaviors.


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