Teens Share the Road Trailer


Schedule the Teens Share the Road Trailer.

The Teens Share the Road Trailer houses six individual virtual reality simulator stations equipped with steering wheels, brake, and gas pedals, along with television monitors that wrap around the driver's seat, to make the experience as realistic as possible. Teens receive instructions from a state trooper aboard the trailer to navigate through the simulation. Each simulator station will take teens through seven possible driving situations including: 

  • Distracted driving 
  • Stopping safely 
  • Reaction times 
  • Tractor trailers making wide turns 
  • Staying away from the No Zones of a tractor trailer 
  • Obeying the Move Over Law 


The Teens Share the Road Trailer is available to those students who possess some kind of driving permit/license, specifically those ranging in age from 15-18. The trailer is housed in Nashville, and will be delivered, upon request, to your school by a state trooper. 

Things to remember when scheduling the Teens Share the Road Trailer: 

  • The trailer must travel to you from Nashville. Please allow adequate time in your scheduling for the trailer to reach you. Provide two additional dates, along with your most desired date, to ensure that the simulator is able to reach you. 
  • Keep in mind that the simulator houses only six simulator stations, which lends itself to smaller groups. Larger groups should expect to be split up for efficient accommodation
  • The simulator is housed within a semi truck. Adequate parking and turnaround space is necessary to accommodate the truck and trailer, as well as an area with approximately 20 feet of clear space to ensure that the awnings can be deployed. An area to view the 42-inch television, that plays educational videos to prepare students for what they are about to experience within the simulator, is also needed. 
  • The parking area for the simulator needs to be cleared prior to arrival so that it can be delivered and depart during school hours.