Rock the Belt

What We Are Doing About It: SADD chapters across the country are implementing SADD’s Rock the Belt Campaign.

During this week-long event, students can participate in fun and effective activities to raise awareness, educate, and engage peers, the community and even parents on the statistics and why it’s critical to buckle up, every time, in every vehicle. If your chapter used Rock the Belt, report your results using the form included in the activity guide!

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in the activity guide:

  • Quick-Click Challenge, a fast-paced team competition to see who can click it in the least amount of time
  • Seat Belt Survey, an assessment that measures seat belt use
  • Chalk the Walk, seat belt reminders crafted in sidewalk chalk
  • Seat Belt “Fasten” Show, a fashion show highlighting fun duct tape seat belts
  • Living Seat Belt, a human chain around city hall to spread awareness and capture media attention And more!

These awesome programs are FREE for all currently registered SADD chapters! Once you complete your annual chapter registration or renewal, your Advisor will receive an email with links to all the downloadable materials and templates plus much more. Complete your annual chapter registration or renewal today!