Ollie Otter Program


Volunteer to help educate children on passenger safety.

Participants will volunteer to participate in Ollie Otter presentations, interacting with elementary school children to promote child passenger safety. Opportunities for Service Learning hours/credit may be available depending on your high school's required curriculum. 

Points are awarded on a per person basis, 200 points per volunteer session. 

Over the past seven years, the Ollie Otter program has grown from the seed of an idea for child passenger safety to a statewide program that has reached new heights across our 95 counties. The Ollie Otter campaign is one of the reasons that Kendell Poole, Director of the Tennessee  Highway Safety Office, praises Tennessee as being “leaps and bounds” beyond the rest of the nation with regard to highway safety.

Much of the state’s success in child passenger safety can be attributed to the Tennessee Road Builders Association (TRBA), an organization that partners with elected and government officials to promote the philosophy that “Good Roads Save Lives, Time, and Money!” The TRBA Board of Directors, responding to a request by Carol Coleman, initiated the Ollie Otter program by providing the first financial investment for the campaign. That investment translated into a contracted marketing and advertising agreement with the Tennessee Tech Business Media Center, and eventually led to annual grants used to develop and promote the Ollie Otter program and continued support through TRBA’s foundation, chaired by Coleman.

The Ollie Otter Booster Seat and Seat Belt program is grant-funded through the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO). The THSO has been integral in the inception and continued success of the Ollie Otter program. Representatives such as Mr. Poole and Deborah Scruggs, the THSO Grant Program Manager, have worked tirelessly with the Ollie Otter campaign team to provide support in both a financial and public relations capacity.

With the help of his team, Ollie visits elementary schools across the state of Tennessee, conducting presentations on seat belt and booster seat safety. Ollie preaches his "Under 4'9" -- It's Booster Time!" and "Belts to Bones" slogans in effort to teach children that they should be using booster seats until they are of an appropriate age and height for adult seat belts.

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