Design Your Own County Data Infographic

Students are encouraged to design an infographic that represents their county crash statistics.

How to get started. 

Step 1: Select a traffic safety topic that interest you.

Think about what traffic safety awareness that interest you. What do you see as a problem in your city or school?  What would you like your peers and the public to know about this topic. Such as the crash rate for your county, distracted driving, crashes involving large trucks, pedestrians, and even teen crash rate. 

Step 2: Research

Find out what traffic safety issue your county may be having. Visit Reduce TN Crashes data map to see the Teen Crash Rate in your county by clicking here. Also, visit Tennessee Traffic Safety website by clicking here

Step 3: Explore Infographic Tools 

Check out other infographics related to traffic safety. Get some ideas and see what tools are available to you. 

Step 4: Storyboard

This is the time to brainstorm. Get your thoughts down on paper. Find interesting ways to display the information you have found. 

Step 5: Design 

Polish your design. Your finished design can be done through a traditional paper medium or computer software. Whatever you are most comfortable with and available technology. 

Step 6: Share with your school. 

Share your experience with your peers. Post your designs around your school and share the information that you have found.