Click It & Ticket


The purpose of this project is to promote highway safety among teens and focus on seatbelt compliance.

This project is also intended to be directed by the teens themselves, therefore promoting leadership, development, and ownership of highway safety issues. “Click it & Ticket” is a play on words of the usual slogan of “Click it OR Ticket” in that CIAT rewards students at seatbelt check points who arrive at school wearing their seatbelts with a “Citation of Good Behavior," and students found not to be wearing their seatbelts with a “Warning: Poor Choice” citation. Those receiving a good citation will also be eligible to win at least one grand prize of a $100 gift card, which is 10 times the amount typically assessed to a teen found not wearing their seatbelt.

CIAT is sponsored by State Farm Insurance. For more information on State Farm's safe driving initiatives, please visit