Touch Down Turn Down - Cares Fall Campaign 

Touch Down Turn Down is a peer-to-peer campaign in Tennessee to establish safe driving and passenger safety behaviors among teens and youth during the high-risk fall and winter weather months. According to statistics, the months between October and December are the most dangerous for young drivers on the road. Increased driving time, later curfews, cruising, driving with too many passengers, distractions, speeding, and alcohol are the key factors in teen crashes during spring and summer. Events such as football homecoming, fall festivals, and holiday parties also create increased risk factors for crashes during this period. The Touch Down Turn Down campaign focused on addressing drinking and driving as the specific behaviors for this campaign and promotes teens working together in peer-to-peer environments to influence safer teen driving behaviors and reduce risk. 


Download the campaign packet to get started! For questions about the campaign contact Larissa. The campaign goes through December 15, 2018.