Battle of the Belt


Schools participating in the Battle of the Belt held unannounced safety belt checks during the 2012-2013 school year to record the number of students wearing seat belts. They also created educational campaigns striving to achieve 100 percent seat belt use. Teams were judged on the percentage of increase of seat belt use at their school and their campaigns.


A statewide competition to decrease teen motor vehicle accidents.

"Battle of the Belt Tennessee" is a statewide friendly competition between high schools to decrease teen motor vehicle traffic accidents. It is sponsored by the Level One Trauma Centers in the state, the TN Department of Health, TN Department of Education, the Commissioner's Council on Injury Prevention, and many others. 

 "Battle of the Belt" sponsors multiple contests that high school can enter in order to earn points toward completing their Step 2 goals.

 Safety Belt Competition

"Unannounced Safety Belt Checks"-"Battle of the Belt" is designed to increase awareness and use of safety belts among high school students.

The program involves minimum of three UNANNOUNCED observations of the student body’s safety belt use. (See page 12 of resource kit.) The first safety belt check should be done at the start of the campaign before any educational efforts. This is the baseline to work from. The results of the observations will be an indicator of the effectiveness of the "Battle of the Belt" program. These safety belt checks are mandatory and must be completed by the school. The checks will include anyone who is riding in a vehicle that access the school’s campus (students, parents, and faculty).

Education Campaign Competition

Each school should implement an awareness campaign to increase the use of safety belts in their schools. This campaign may include the use of any of the resources listed in the campaign kit or resources and activities created and produced by the school. The activities do not have to be inside the school building and may include activities at school functions held elsewhere. 

For more information please visit Battle of the Belt.